Series 7 – How To Make An Ebook


This video tutorial teaches you the easiest way to write your own ebook by using a completely free software program called Open Office Writer. Writing your own ebook with this program is as simple as writing a report. Simply follow the instructions that I give you and click on the PDF button at the top […]

Series 6 – Sales Pages & Download Pages


If you are thinking about creating an information product, or have already created one, like an e-book or an online course, then you’ll know one of the most important components of your success is going to be your sales page. Your sales page is going to tell your audience how your product benefits them, the […]

Series 5 – Create Landing Page


How To Create A Landing Page Automatically Just 5 minutes- Best landing page 2016 Instabuilder 2.0 is a easy-to-use drag and drop software that will allow you to create a landing page In just a few minutes. Just select the elements you want to use by clicking on them, drop them where you want them […]

Series 3 – Beginner WordPress Training


WordPress and HostGator can be an awesome combination when you are just starting a new blog/site. WordPress is the best self-hosted blogging platform and HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting companies. With One Click WordPress Installation, HostGator makes it insanely easy to start a self-hosted blog. You can create a blog […]

Series 1 – Autoresponder Training


What exactly is an Autoresponder? An Autoresponder is an email or series of emails that are scheduled to be sent to your contacts over a specified period of days. An autoresponder can have multiple emails. Autoresponders are scheduled based upon the subscription date of each of your contacts. When you create your Autoresponder, you can […]

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